How is Augmented Reality Shaping the Consumer Encounter in E-Commerce?

Consumer delight, brand recognition, sales process competence with technology undeviatingly making incursions into the E-commerce sector, retail firms are exploring new and innovative solutions to magnify these aspects and stay ahead of the curve. By blending breath online retail stores with immersive technology like Augmented Reality (AR), retailers are viewing it to make shopping encounters more spontaneous, warm, and comforting. These immersive trends are bringing about a breakthrough in the e-commerce trade and shaping the way industries perform.

Any technology that can exert a positive force on user experience will almost immediately be adopted by the e-commerce industry to sell products. The reason is online shoppers can’t touch and sense the products. That luxury is an exclusive right of brick and mortar shops. Augmented reality (AR), with its ability to superimpose digital information onto the physical environment, is one such technology that can alter the core human experience.

It’s not a coincidence that about 40% of consumers would be willing to spend more on a product if it offered an augmented reality experience. Augmented reality eCommerce ties this notch significantly. By way of assisting customers to envision the merchandise they’re regarding, in the context of the real-time they’re going to be used in, it is a major aid to perceiving online buyers to feel content and even thrilled about a latent purchase.

  • Purchasing Encounter and Trial:
Fig. 1.

Today, almost all online wares extend instructional videos on numerous products to assist the buyer to understand the merchandise. With VRARMR’s augmented reality tech, not only can they associate with the product, but they can also examine its functionalities as well. Generally, an ordinary online buyer spends approximately 2 minutes online ere executing a shopping decision, but with an AR eCommerce practice, the room time advances and so does the possibility of them forming a purchase.

As online retail solicits to enhance its exchange measures and prop more interest, the advantages of augmented reality cannot be amplified. Augmented reality offers several stores the odds to create a deeper interactive purchasing experience with their buyers as it extends the opportunity to virtually try the product they want to obtain.

  • Pleasant Customer Experience:

Augmented reality technology cedes customers who typically shop online, the fortune to view the product in the design of a prototype they can interact within the same fashion they would if they were hitting a physical store. This gives the shoppers a better feel of the merchandise and how it drapes into their lives.

  • Customized Shopping:

Most shoppers like to examine diverse options and bents while making a bargain. Augmented reality e-commerce can personalize the buying experience for your clients. With course, you’ll begin obtaining tools that allow shoppers to see what outfits look like on them, that show what sizes would fit your frame or that determine the real size of a product in your time, and other peculiarities that would resolve the predicaments of online retail. Instead of an online market showing models wearing the attire, consumers may even be equipped to view themselves in all of the outfits to know which would glance best on them.

Things we can wear:

  • Clothing
Fig. 2.

Offering online customers, a seamless experience of trying on clothes and seeing how they look on him or her to remove skepticisms, inspire purchase completions, and reduce returns.

  • Footwear:
Fig. 3.

You might demur at this point on our list, imagining that every set of shoes must be driven in to be assessed. But many buyers choose a pair of shoes for appearance. And that can be judged with an AR app. AR Ecommerce for footwear producers and retailers can be a leading tactic when used in tandem with a progressive recovery and trade system.

  • Makeup:
Fig. 4.

The reality of social media influencers — particularly makeup artists — has grown by leaps and bounds in current times. Combining AR Ecommerce technology was espoused instantly, allowing followers to replicate their chosen experts’ looks spontaneously and perfectly, all without obtaining cosmetics they wouldn’t use.

Things we can use:

  • Furniture:

Experienced retailers know that their clients spend endless hours cogitating over whether a selective thing will work in their real-world place. Many furniture giants are using VRARMR’s AR kit and it’s proving to be a game-changer. If you don’t think AR Ecommerce can renew the way an industry works, just ask any design architect working in 2020.

3D models:

VRARMR uses 3D by showcasing precise edge-cases of their own identity and AR Ecommerce devices can be used to expedite self-expression in a variety of styles. From stimulating a child’s illustration and pulling it up off the page for more leisure. To detailed selfie augmentations like ears, masks, hats, and more. Offering an AR option to your customers are both value-adds — and an excuse for more branding provided it’s done thoughtfully.

Augmented reality already has transformed the e-commerce industry. We’re rather sure that AR will heighten in the upcoming years, as implementation breaks are interminable. AR could be blended with current technologies, and hence it permits users to associate with products on a new level — they can try distinctive styles without deserting their homes. Over the course of time, AR technology will be shaping the e-commerce we know today. Immersive experiences while examining offers and 360° views of merchandise are intriguing for retailers and buyers. Let’s see what the future will yield!

Author: Shreya Pahwa

Media Manager, VR AR MR

Image Source:

Fig.1. — ebi (e-business institute), Fig.2. — Samsung Insights, Fig. 3. — WANNA KICKS, Fig. 4. — Courtesy|YouCam

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