REMOTELY helps Utility Companies transform the service sector

Utility companies have quickly become the go-to for most people working from home. Utility companies are a one-stop-shop for all home and commercial needs in a modern economy.

But perhaps the most difficult part of the process is ensuring that employees deliver satisfactory services to all the clients. These clients request a myriad of varying services and the utility providers must be ready to face all challenges that come their way.

Fortunately - Remotely can make it happen.

Designed specifically for the multi-talented and fast-moving industry, Remotely is an application for the future.

It makes learning easy, diagnosis smarter, and drives the customer satisfaction rate higher without causing any pain to the employees on the ground.

Remotely works uniquely. It has AR-enabled features that help the employee get a better understanding of the problem and minimise the possibility of error. Suppose you go to a place and cannot figure out an instant fix to the problem, what would you do to ensure the client’s safety? How do you retain the trust they have placed in you? We find that Remotely does just that. Your employees and responders can connect with the technicians at your facility and let them weigh in on the problem by running a real-time diagnosis without delays or rescheduling.”

Besides problem-solving, Remotely offers several other opportunities to develop a strong network of well-trained and motivated workers. It makes training and on-boarding easier and helps avoid monotony by allowing team communication and customised peer-to-peer learning.

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