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3 min readFeb 5, 2021


AR-enabled learning is the way of the future. It is however ironic, that big industries who are often at the forefront of innovation, have not yet fully embraced this technology.

New technology inspires innovation and manufacturers have been the backbone of modern economies for decades now. They are the ones who deliver these innovations to the masses. Then why don’t industries adopt AR as a permanent solution for all their training, onboarding, and problem solving purposes?

The primary reason is the lack of evidence in favour of modern technology.

The good thing though, is that this phenomenon is quickly changing. Many multinational corporations and overseas manufacturers have acknowledged that they use AR technologie, like Remotely, to detect problems and connect with experts remotely to discuss potential solutions for their technical problems.

The common case they all make - Using AR allows them to do things quicker, and with the utmost level of ease.

“Softwares like Remotely allow us to find a method that is tailor-made for us. No regressive training curriculums and no rooms full of people breathing on each other’s necks. AR allows you to connect with experts who specialise in everything you are looking for while avoiding redundant tasks that are time consuming and don’t provide space for course correction.”

Most training methods are based on a system of mass learning and generalisation.

Using Remotely allows you to devise a curriculum for training that is specific to your area of operating.

Along with this, Remotely also enables users to implement a system where repairing and fixing machines is faster than ever.

What happens if you need to fix your assembling machine, mere days before a big shipment is supposed to go out?

Can you afford to wait for experts from different cities to fly in and assess the situation?

The answer is no. The production process can never afford to be in a situation where things come to a grinding halt.

Remotely comes in handy here, because it allows your expert to assess the situation from far away, simply by looking at it through an AR-enabled software.

Using Remotely, you can view the constituents of the machines in granular details, leave comprehensive notes, and view the problem areas from different angles.

The cost of commute and the strain of travelling under stress is incalculable. Remotely offers a solution where you can prevent mental trauma and save company resources simultaneously with the help of dedicated employees on site, who are enabled with the right technology.

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VR AR MR is an award-winning high-tech enterprise based on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. We employ cutting-edge immersive technology to advance service technician tools, assistance in skills training and provide remote services to Businesses, Anytime, Anywhere.

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VR | AR | MR

VR AR MR is an award-winning high-tech enterprise based on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.